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b-1979, Hannover, Germany.  Lives and works in London.


2023 - MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London.

2017 - BA Painting. Camberwell College of the arts, UAL, London.


The Stash Gallery London - Dirty Laundry, Vout-O-Reenee's, London.

The Stash Gallery London -  Black and White, Vout-O-Reenee's, London.

RCA2023 at Truman Brewery, London.


hARTslane Gallery - Memento Mori, London.

Palazzo Ducale - 'Memento Mori', PASSAGGI Atina art residency, Atina FR, Italy.

Battersea Park - temporary Royal College of Art MA public sculpture collaboration 'Memorial for a Memorial', London.

St. John's Church Sculpture Garden -'Catch Your Breath' with The London Group and invited artists. St Johns Churchyard, Waterloo, London.

The Stash Gallery - Members group show, Vout-O-Reenee's, London.

hARTslane Gallery - VESTIGES, remnants of things departed. SCULPTURE by Ali Darke + C J Simpson, London.

Royal College of Art - WIP Show 22, London.


Barking and Dagenham art trail, London.

Hundred Years Gallery - After the Deluge., London.

Hundred years Gallery - The Plague, London.


IG11&RM10 Art Trail - Barking, London.

hARTslane gallery - PASSAGGIATINA in London.


Barking Art Trail - Studio3Arts, London.

V&A Lates White Post - This Must Be the Place, Hackney, London.

QPARK Leicester Square - Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad. London.

hARTslane gallery - Love Family story: Intimate tales in Art. London.


hARTslane gallery - PASSAGGIATINA 2018. London.

QPARK Cavendish Square - Protocol. London.

Palazzo Ducale - PASSAGGIATINA 2018. Atina (Fr), Italy.

Waterloo Festival - Nothing Endures but Change. The London Group and friends. St John Churchyard, Waterloo, London.

QPARK Chinatown - 'Embracing the Underdog!', London.


Camberwell Space - The Reunion. Camberwell College of Arts, London.

QPARK Cavendish Square - THE CRASH. London.

Griffin Gallery - The fine art collective. London.

Assembly Point Gallery - Kalms. London.

QPARK Chinatown - Chinese Open. London. 


The Black and White Building - Revolution. London.

Raum Gallery - Painting? London

Art Car boot Fair, Brick Lane Yard, London.

The Black and White Building - B + W Art Society Soho in collaboration with Creative Debuts. London.

The Meeting Rooms - Art Jam/SOLO Projects. Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London

CGP Gallery - UNIT interim show. London.

Asylum Gallery - Homunculus. London.


Espaciogallery - Flesh. London

Palazzo Ducale - Atina Art Residency. Atina (Fr), Italy.

Tower Gallery - Long Live the New Flesh! London.

Embassy Tea Gallery - Capsule. London.

QPARK Chinatown - Chinese Open. London.


Let Art Work Gallery - God Show. Pune, India.

Tower Gallery - Breaking the Chains. London.

Espaciogallery - Flesh. London.

QPARK Chinatown - Chinese Open. London.


2023 Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, Germany.

2022 PASSAGGIATINA, Atina, Italy.

2019 PASSAGGIATINA, Atina, Italy.

2018 PASSAGGIATINA, Atina, Italy.

2017 PASSAGGIATINA, Atina, Italy.

2017 Griffin Gallery. London. 

2015 Atina art residency, Atina, Italy. 



2023 RCA Materials Fund.

2015 The Charlotte and Dennis Stevenson Award.

2014 Lowes Dickinson Award. 



2018 'I am not famous because I am not dead!' Catalogue of emerging artists, Artistank.

2018 Degree Show Catalogue, 2017. Camberwell Press. ISBN 978-1-908971-57-9.

2015 ‘I am not famous because I am not dead!’ Catalogue of emerging artists, Artistank. 


Artribune Itlay - PassaggiAtina. The residency for do it yourself artists in Lazio

PassaggiAtina the Do It Yourself Art Residency in Lazio. March 2023. Artribune, Italy. 

Autumn 2020 Barking is where the art is for Chris. Edition 3, The Gascoigne Gazette

20/06/20 Sculpting time - Chris Simpson. The Sunday Tribune online. 

18/08/19 Rough Passage. The Sunday Tribune.

24/01/18 Love, story, Family - Intimate tales in art. The Sunday Tribune. 

22/07/17 Chris Simpson on Cloth, statues and the Italian art residency. The News Agents. Resonance FM

23/09/17 Art in the Apennines. The News Agents. Resonance FM


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