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The artist wearing black clothing, standing with 3 tall floor based sculptures made with white cement.

We are wrapped in cloth from the moment we are born until the day we die. We have a very personal relationship to it, it’s performative; we use it to identify ourselves, our religions, our jobs and even nationalities. It is loaded with symbolism and metaphors which I often explore through my work in a more deconstructed, defamiliarized way.

Vestiges are the signs that something has passed - a tangible reminder in a fragment or remnant of what has been and gone. My work captures these traces, suggesting the memories of past events that have left scars in the landscape of the psyche, creating work haunted by loss or tragedy.


These traces defiantly remain against the impossibility of any return, a resilience of presence demanding expression, the persistent energy of unconscious and creative repetition. They are visual echoes, recorded in the meticulous refinement of the objects made and intense labour of craft, honed through shaping, painting, sanding, scraping, moulding and casting.

Sculptures appear to envelop and solidify around something that has long departed - the airy centre suspended like an inhaled breath. The sanded, marble-smooth surfaces reminiscent of renaissance iconography, bringing the spiritual to mind? 

There is movement and grace in the work. The surfaces and folds are as significant as what lies within when reading it, playing with what is hidden, revealed, and turned inside out. The use of monochrome focuses attention on a tension between form and abstraction, evident in enigmatic shape and specificity of material.  

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